MOMENTUM. Exhibition Opening - Lecture

On 13th January 2016, with a lecture and an opening event was presented the first personal exhibition MOMENTUM of the photographer Artūrs Kondrāts. The interactive photo exhibition is based on the subjects important for the artist himself – the portrait of a human character. 

The serie of photography is built of 30 different portraits of the well-known people. It displays the portrait of the basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis, singer Intars Busulis, chef Mārtiņš Sirmais, culinary expert Signe Meinarte, fashion designer Bruno Birmanis, stylist Iveta Vecmane, television personality Renārs Zeltiņš, actress Madara Botmane and many more. This photo exhibition will be the first in Latvia, in witch, thanks to the modern technologies, photography will revive. The audience by using the mobile app of an additional reality - “Overly” and scanning the photography, had an opportunity to listen to the story of the photo portraits on their mobile devices.

“A recorded moment is a small unit of the human’s life, however, most of the time, the moment is an important point of change, a valuable element in the chain of changes. The moment in the photography is the most important element. In the speed of a hundredth part of a second, the information and the feel give further impulses for the creation of emotion, feelings for our mind, memories and thoughts,” says the photographer Artūrs Kondrāts.

Artūrs Kondrāts (1984) sanguineously calls himself a photographer only for last two years - since the moment of opening of his own photo studio. The photographing has been learned and developed through self-educating, mostly, individually by dedicating all his free time, interest, and willingness. With a natural motivation and experience gained during many years, the hobby has become a full time job. The photography of Artūrs Kondrāts could be seen in the largest Latvian fashion magazines on a regular basis, however, Artūrs positions himself as a portrait photographer not a fashion photograph.

Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs/ the Embassy of Latgale GORS