If you ask a Latvian “Who is Schweik?”, someone will answer – “ Schweik is the good soldier!” Another will sing “Poke me flowers...”, someone else will remember a song about sexual cones. But would someone remember a book about mischief of a strange man named Schweik?

Schweik is popular in Latvia both because of the book and theatre productions.  Schweik's songs live long after the show is over - "Mīļā, ķeizars mani karā sauc", "Ardievu, meitenes", "Karalauka pasts" and more.

Jaroslav Hašek is Schweik’s author. He is 140 years old, but the statement of his hero Schweik “When the fatherland is in danger, every cripple must be is its place!” is still relevant. As long as the state exists, there will also be civil servants, bureaucracy and all the nonsense that only a great soldier, Schweik, can fight best!

This autumn, many  places in Latvia, will see the return of Schweik again with the song game “Schweik - then and now”. With songs composed by Ivars Vīgners and Valts Pūce. With song lyrics by Jānis Peters and Pēteris Brūvers. With a humorous narrator by Valters Krauze and with actor Edgars Pujāts, singer Mārtiņš Ruskis, a group of musicians led by Mārcis Auziņš, with singers - Inta Gudovska, Anita Levša and Olga Stupiņa.

In this event we welcome children and those customers who have recovered from Covid-19 or are vaccinated against it!

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15. Oct 2022 19:00, Saturday

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Event date and time

Duration1 h 30 min
LocationLielā zāle
Event organizerForte Production, SIA